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Power India Meters
Since 1990

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Power India Meters celebrates delivering over 2 Million Energy Meters Globally

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Power India Meters

Power India Meters, an ISI certified organization, primarily deals in manufacturing and distribution of Electronic Energy Meters and Panel Meters. The company provides Energy Metering Solutions to the State Electricity Boards and open markets along with its product range of ISI Marked Energy Meters including household meters, customized panel meters, energy meters across India and globally.
Equipped with a modern, spacious and dust-proof complex at the Vishwakarma Industrial Area, Jaipur, Power India Meters since its inception in 1990 has focused on quality and technology by following Lean Manufacturing and Total Quality Management (TQM) so as to add maximum value to its customer as well as its employees. We follow the 3P approach to quality i.e. People, Product and Process so as to add value to all entities of a product based organization, be it suppliers, end users, employees or customers.

VISION: To be global leaders in energy management that earns customer conviction by providing preeminent energy management solutions, leveraging technology and innovations delivered by proficient people.

MISSION: To empower our customers to measure, manage and save electrical energy effectively and efficiently through continual improvement of our products and processes in a value driven environment.


Your electricity meter is the best way to get accurate information about how much energy you're using and how much you're paying for it. Our energy meters ensure that you can trust your energy supplier.


Our meters include basic and advanced features that are user-friendly, making it easy for you to install and monitor.

Latest Technology

Our comprehensive metering system is layered with the latest technology that provides real-time information, allowing you to respond more quickly.


Our durable meters can stand repeated use throughout the years, handling great impacts with the ability to endure over time.


Skilled workmanship and sustainable raw materials ensure high quality our products. All our meters are ISI certified, meeting industry standards.

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